About Us

The original Bear Paws Meat shredders were established in 1993 due to frustrations from pulling pork with dinner forks.  After more than 25 years on the market and with multiple revisions and modifications, it has been our pleasure to offer one of the most versatile and popular tools for your kitchen and BBQ needs.  Bear Paws have always been made in the USA, with pride, and we love that we are an American-made product. With over 1 million sold on Amazon over the past five years, we know we have a good thing going! 


A sister company, BBQ Butler, was born out of necessity for the right tools at the right price.  We envisioned what could be brought to the BBQ table and felt the spark. Beginning with only three products in 2016 that were initially sold in retail BBQ stores, these products went on to wholesalers’ markets and were soon offered on the Amazon marketplace.   Finally, our website was born, and we are proud to provide an impressive and innovative array of grilling tools that help make your job easier.  We are proud to have a presence in over 12,000 retail stores across the US and Canada, including Target, Ace Hardware, Rural King, IFA, Buc-ee's, Fleet Farm, Tractor Supply, Albertsons, Lee Valley Tools, and Princess Auto. 


To stay relevant and at the forefront of the needs of our BBQ community, these two brands merged in early 2020.  Bear Paws meat shredders and BBQ Butler became one entity offering a comprehensive and robust set of grilling products.  


We know you love BBQ, and we do, too--which is why we are so happy to share this labor of love with you.  We are passionate about good BBQ and the way it brings folks together. At BBQ Butler, we work hard to create innovative products that help you look, work, and feel like a pro.