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1 lb bacon

1 lb ground country sausage

3 scrambled eggs (soft scramble)

1/2 package of frozen Tater Tots, prepared

4 oz (or more!) of shredded cheddar cheese

Pickled jalapeno slices (to taste)



    1. On a foil-lined cookie sheet or a cutting board, separate the bacon slices. 
    2. This is how to make the basket-weave bacon wrap that holds the Fatty all together: Lay 6 slices of bacon side by side, as close as you can, with long sides touching. Fold every other strip in half onto itself. Lay one strip of bacon perpendicular to those strips, flush up against the back of the folds. Unfold those flipped strips back over the perpendicular strip of bacon.  Now fold every other strip in the alternating columns. Lay one strip of bacon perpendicular to those strips, flush up against the back of the folds. Unfold those strips back down over the perpendicular strip of bacon. Repeat again with the first set of strips. Do the same thing on the upper half of the weave. There should be the same number of strips going down as there are going across.  If you need a visual to do this, here is a link to the Fatty video:
    3. Form sausage into thin "patties" and lay, touching, on top of the middle of your basket weaved bacon. Form patty edges into a rectangular shape.
    4. Place scrambled eggs on top of the sausage.
    5. Top eggs with prepared Tater Tots.
    6. On top of the Tater Tots, spread the shredded cheddar cheese.
    7. Add jalapeno slices on top of shredded cheese.
    8. Now it's time to roll up the Fatty! Rolling AWAY from your body, gather the bacon weave closest to you, and push it over the top of the ingredients.  As you push the bacon into place, roll the ingredients forward and away from you. Be sure to catch all of the loose ends of bacon--as well as any other ingredients--and tuck them into the Fatty.  Keep on rolling. (Please note, the bacon will stretch.  If your ingredients start "falling out" of the bacon spaces, just push them back in.)  When the bacon is on top and all of the ingredients are in the inside, and the seam is down, tuck it all in and there is your Fatty.
    9. On a smoker, set the temp is 370 degrees.  The Fatty can be placed on a cookie sheet or directly on the smoker rack for cooking. Target internal temperature is 160-165 degrees.  
    10. When the Fatty is cooked, remove from heat and let rest for a few minutes, then slice it up!

  Courtesy of Parker Flitton

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  • This was seriously so yummy! And easy to make, too. I think I have a new food addiction to the fatty! Would love to hear what other ideas people have for stuffing it.

    Denise on

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