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We thought you could use some helpful hints on how to use up leftover Easter Ham….we know we get a little desperate for ideas right about now. Follow the links and find your solution to “ham wasteland” for any meal of the day.


For your Breakfast enjoyment:

Take the tame tradition of Easter and turn it into a little breakfast fiesta with these Breakfast Fajitas! Or, bring a downhome breakfast tradition to the table with Ham and Egg Hash. So delicious, and great way to start your day!


A mid-day meal:

Lunch is a great way to take a break AND fill your belly. Who wouldn’t make time for these snackalicious Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Skewers?  If you’ve ever had a Cuban Sandwich, then you know the treat that awaits with its little sister: Cuban Quesadillas.  No passport needed.


To round out the day with dinner:

A couple of savory recipes to end the day (and possibly convince you to make too much ham for next year--just so you can encore these recipe gems)! Creamy Wild Rice Soup With Ham and some crusty bread? Yes, please! And, our personal fave, these tasty Ham and Cheese Sliders hit the spot...and keep you coming back for more.  

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